Sunday, 16 December 2007

I found some ice in a yellow big bowl that had lots of ice in it. We took the ice out and it looked so pretty so we took a picture of it.


Ice is lovely and cold
Ice skating on the river that froze in Ran-Roo
Like a skating rink with a machine that makes ice
It's rather a blade and it's rather a crice
Then the ice freezes on the lakes
You can skate and bake at the same time
And while you bake and skate, rhyme a poem with flowers
And the birds are singing.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Antonia's latest poem

A poem about spring in December. I can really relate to that feeling, after about three weeks without any sunlight.

The Spring is Falling

The birds are singing,
The sky is bright,
Blue is falling
In the light.

The trees are blooming,
The flowers are blossoming,
The birds are singing in dozens.

The butterflies are fluttering,
Getting nectar.
It is very beautiful.
The butterflies sing,
The birds are tweeting
And parading with the bees.