Thursday, 31 January 2008

My little lantern

I made a paper lantern. It's a bit difficult to make because we need two people. And also it was a bit scary because I put some fire in it. Mummy took a picture of me to put in my blog.

(Mummy thinks this is a very dangerous experiment and let it go ahead under close supervision, fully expecting to have to put out a young fire. Mummy thought that people who can't work out that this is not a good idea just by thinking might need an opportunity to learn about consequences.)


In the night of darkness gloom,
The flashes of the owls creak.
The flowers splitter and spleak,
The moon is quiet over days,
Wolves are howling.
Everybody says
The wind is crawling
Over fields with leeks.
The wind to Africa,
The wind to Egypt,
The wind everywhere,
Everywhere, even North Caroline, China.
The days are splatching,
The days are shimmering gliffly,
We're sleeping all the time in our bed,
With a chicken pillow on our head.
Now I must say goodbye,
Because I'm running around here to fly.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Story: Clever Nothing

Once upon a time, there was Nothing. Nothing set out to do nothing. It was not surprising, because Nothing was a nothing. There was nothing in the land of Nothing. Of course, because we say nothing, nothing, nothing. So what would you expect coming up but a tree-making thing. It made the grass, it made everything. Nothing didn't know how to stop it, because it was nowhere, and it was a nothing. So Nothing didn't do anything.

The next day Nothing started on a vacation to find another nothing place for itself. It saw a tree that still had nothing on it. There wasn't even anything there. But for a nothing, there could be a mountain, a valley or a tree. But Nothing had been running so far it hadn't noticed that anything was looking at it for a long time. There was a tree-catching monster that ate and drank nothings. Being Nothings, they didn't have blood. Instead they had nothing in them. So the monster set out to find that poor little Nothing, but that Nothing had seen the monster and that Nothing tripped on a nothing, and then another nothing. Nothing slipped and the monster had built a cage, and slipped himself, and landed on his cage, while the Nothing slipped onto the cage. And that was the end of that tree monster.

The End


I love doing patterns, because in the end when you're finished, you get something beau-ti-ful. But when you've only started, you get something not so beautiful. As it gets bigger, it gets more pretty and more beautiful. Really, it might take you three days, but we can do it still.


Blue patterns, red patterns, green patterns, purple,
Orange patterns, red patterns, pink patterns, ochre,
So many things you can make them out of them
Diamonds, triangles, squares and ovals
Hexagons, pipagons, all those stuff,
What you can do
The squares can be rough!

Diamond clouds in the sky

In the bath, this afternoon, I found lots of clouds. I wondered if any angels were on the clouds, or maybe there were some aliens hiding and playing peek-a-boo. But I just thought it was made with just water. Sometimes the clouds are made with crystals but I don't know which ones.


The clouds high up, high in the sky,
I could touch them, yes it would be I,
But the clouds are made with water there,
Our hands go through that lovely air.
So if you found some clouds beneath
There's fish in clouds splashing leaves,
The water in the clouds makes a pool
For elephants, angels, fairies, cool!
But if all those things don't exist
Like elephants and pompapist,
Then all those things will be for me
Other folks too, and even he!
And that's the end of my lovely poem
Bye bye, with a sigh, I already said hi, bye bye!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Story: The People That Had Writing On Them

Once upon a time, people weren't quite like us. They were peculiar. They were all made of writing, even the cows and the trees, the ducks, the dogs, even the rivers.

Once a man came along. He looked at the grass. He said: "That's peculiar. This grass has writing on it." Then a tree came walking along. The tree was writing on its own branches. The tree tried to write on the man, but the man was going too quick, and the tree couldn't keep up with him.

So the next day the tree built a quick-catching machine. When he saw the man again, the quick-catching machine caught the man. But how would the tree write on him with the net in the way? He decided to make another kind of machine. When he had finished making another machine, the tree caught the man and drew all over him. He made a sun, two raincoats and a sheep, the dipper and the little dipper. He even made a rainbow, but with grey colours and with writing on of course.

When the man got home, he washed the writing off, and the next day, the man himself built a machine. The tree had troubles because he was in the trap. When the people saw that, they knocked the tree, they banged the cage out of the way, and the tree came back. Everyone was trying to get the man, even the houses. But the houses were eating too much so they were as slow as one little baby snail in its shell.

The man caught everyone in his machine and rubbed all the writing off them. He told the people he'd rather have them without writing just for once, because they looked good before, but a bit funny. And when the people heard that, they were sad that they looked funny. Now they do not wear writing, because they decided it was a bad fashion to wear. They put the tree in a cage and now this tree has been cut up and used for logs instead.

The End

Friday, 18 January 2008

My experiment

I had been making some chariots, some that people used long, long ago, and some that we saw used in India. Cows were pulling them. I put the animals around my chariots for decoration. My animals are very nice. They let me stroke them. I've got about a hundred of them, or so. Here is a poem about them.


A bear, a cat, a unicorn, a rabbit, a kitten, a dog, a penguin, a dinosaur, a panda too
So many toys, even a horse, even all my friends couldn't count them of course
If I cannot count them, then who can but me
And what about the other things you could possibly see.
If you want to have animals like me, like some adult penguins and a baby pony,
Now I will say goodbye, so don't ask me, don't ask why.

I've got a little baby rat, too, she's very sad because I forgot her in the picture. Little rat says "I hope you had a Happy Christmas. And I hope everybody got nice presents".

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Rainbow in the valley

A poem

The diamond rainbow all and lovely, I wish it was I,
Even if it isn't me, I can still see
Little rainbow in the sky,
Pretty, pretty a bit like I
Little rainbow coloured too
Red, orange, yellow, green,
So many colours, it's on a screen.
Blue, indigo, purple too
And that's a colour of a rainbow dew.

The rainbow is really lovely. I wish I could touch it but it isn't really there. I met a rainbow one day, and I said "how will I meet you, let me play. I wish I was as pretty as you. I want to be pretty, me too! But if I can't what will I do. I'll just have to give up". "Me too!". The rainbow trotted off with me and we lived happy together, see, but when the rainbow started to faint away, I couldn't see him. Bye bye today.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

The mountains

From my window, in the valley, I found some clouds that had come down to the planet.

The clouds were meeting the Earth,
The green, nice Earth.
They said "Hello", and wanted to look,
And so they took the stick and hook.
They came to see the green nice Earth
Who sat there bored and like an Earth
Who looked at the girls and boys.

The girls were playing on the slide
The boys were playing with mouth open wide
The clouds were singing and looking through
The beautiful planet, old and new
They said, "how nice I'll stay for a week
So I can look and I can seek."