Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Rainbow in the valley

A poem

The diamond rainbow all and lovely, I wish it was I,
Even if it isn't me, I can still see
Little rainbow in the sky,
Pretty, pretty a bit like I
Little rainbow coloured too
Red, orange, yellow, green,
So many colours, it's on a screen.
Blue, indigo, purple too
And that's a colour of a rainbow dew.

The rainbow is really lovely. I wish I could touch it but it isn't really there. I met a rainbow one day, and I said "how will I meet you, let me play. I wish I was as pretty as you. I want to be pretty, me too! But if I can't what will I do. I'll just have to give up". "Me too!". The rainbow trotted off with me and we lived happy together, see, but when the rainbow started to faint away, I couldn't see him. Bye bye today.

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