Monday, 28 January 2008

Diamond clouds in the sky

In the bath, this afternoon, I found lots of clouds. I wondered if any angels were on the clouds, or maybe there were some aliens hiding and playing peek-a-boo. But I just thought it was made with just water. Sometimes the clouds are made with crystals but I don't know which ones.


The clouds high up, high in the sky,
I could touch them, yes it would be I,
But the clouds are made with water there,
Our hands go through that lovely air.
So if you found some clouds beneath
There's fish in clouds splashing leaves,
The water in the clouds makes a pool
For elephants, angels, fairies, cool!
But if all those things don't exist
Like elephants and pompapist,
Then all those things will be for me
Other folks too, and even he!
And that's the end of my lovely poem
Bye bye, with a sigh, I already said hi, bye bye!

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