Friday, 18 January 2008

My experiment

I had been making some chariots, some that people used long, long ago, and some that we saw used in India. Cows were pulling them. I put the animals around my chariots for decoration. My animals are very nice. They let me stroke them. I've got about a hundred of them, or so. Here is a poem about them.


A bear, a cat, a unicorn, a rabbit, a kitten, a dog, a penguin, a dinosaur, a panda too
So many toys, even a horse, even all my friends couldn't count them of course
If I cannot count them, then who can but me
And what about the other things you could possibly see.
If you want to have animals like me, like some adult penguins and a baby pony,
Now I will say goodbye, so don't ask me, don't ask why.

I've got a little baby rat, too, she's very sad because I forgot her in the picture. Little rat says "I hope you had a Happy Christmas. And I hope everybody got nice presents".

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