Saturday, 26 January 2008

Story: The People That Had Writing On Them

Once upon a time, people weren't quite like us. They were peculiar. They were all made of writing, even the cows and the trees, the ducks, the dogs, even the rivers.

Once a man came along. He looked at the grass. He said: "That's peculiar. This grass has writing on it." Then a tree came walking along. The tree was writing on its own branches. The tree tried to write on the man, but the man was going too quick, and the tree couldn't keep up with him.

So the next day the tree built a quick-catching machine. When he saw the man again, the quick-catching machine caught the man. But how would the tree write on him with the net in the way? He decided to make another kind of machine. When he had finished making another machine, the tree caught the man and drew all over him. He made a sun, two raincoats and a sheep, the dipper and the little dipper. He even made a rainbow, but with grey colours and with writing on of course.

When the man got home, he washed the writing off, and the next day, the man himself built a machine. The tree had troubles because he was in the trap. When the people saw that, they knocked the tree, they banged the cage out of the way, and the tree came back. Everyone was trying to get the man, even the houses. But the houses were eating too much so they were as slow as one little baby snail in its shell.

The man caught everyone in his machine and rubbed all the writing off them. He told the people he'd rather have them without writing just for once, because they looked good before, but a bit funny. And when the people heard that, they were sad that they looked funny. Now they do not wear writing, because they decided it was a bad fashion to wear. They put the tree in a cage and now this tree has been cut up and used for logs instead.

The End

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