Monday, 28 January 2008

Story: Clever Nothing

Once upon a time, there was Nothing. Nothing set out to do nothing. It was not surprising, because Nothing was a nothing. There was nothing in the land of Nothing. Of course, because we say nothing, nothing, nothing. So what would you expect coming up but a tree-making thing. It made the grass, it made everything. Nothing didn't know how to stop it, because it was nowhere, and it was a nothing. So Nothing didn't do anything.

The next day Nothing started on a vacation to find another nothing place for itself. It saw a tree that still had nothing on it. There wasn't even anything there. But for a nothing, there could be a mountain, a valley or a tree. But Nothing had been running so far it hadn't noticed that anything was looking at it for a long time. There was a tree-catching monster that ate and drank nothings. Being Nothings, they didn't have blood. Instead they had nothing in them. So the monster set out to find that poor little Nothing, but that Nothing had seen the monster and that Nothing tripped on a nothing, and then another nothing. Nothing slipped and the monster had built a cage, and slipped himself, and landed on his cage, while the Nothing slipped onto the cage. And that was the end of that tree monster.

The End

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