Thursday, 31 January 2008

My little lantern

I made a paper lantern. It's a bit difficult to make because we need two people. And also it was a bit scary because I put some fire in it. Mummy took a picture of me to put in my blog.

(Mummy thinks this is a very dangerous experiment and let it go ahead under close supervision, fully expecting to have to put out a young fire. Mummy thought that people who can't work out that this is not a good idea just by thinking might need an opportunity to learn about consequences.)


In the night of darkness gloom,
The flashes of the owls creak.
The flowers splitter and spleak,
The moon is quiet over days,
Wolves are howling.
Everybody says
The wind is crawling
Over fields with leeks.
The wind to Africa,
The wind to Egypt,
The wind everywhere,
Everywhere, even North Caroline, China.
The days are splatching,
The days are shimmering gliffly,
We're sleeping all the time in our bed,
With a chicken pillow on our head.
Now I must say goodbye,
Because I'm running around here to fly.

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