Monday, 4 February 2008

The nonsense things in the castle like Mr. Nonsense

Lucky Antonia, she still has a blog, so let's post in it. If anyone chances here searching for Yellow House Homeschool Senior, aka Penny, well, I seem to have disappeared into the ether. I don't know why. I'm trying to find out and figure out what to do about it.

I made a wall next to my front step and it was made of hailstones.

A poem of the queen and a king

It was a very linger,
The king broke his finger
The queen poked her thumb
And then the queen got stung!

The king's finger was there,
But his thumb had disappeared.
His thumb was walking round the palace,
Meeting the iron spears.

But the queen came walking with it,
And saying: "How are you?"
Can I put you on the king's hand
So that you can sleep for the night".
And then the thumb was back on the finger
And had a bloody sweet night!

One more thing,
Said the swing:
"I just want to reverse
But one plus eight
And eight plus one
All makes 900 and blurrrs".


mammaclaudia said...

Hi, my name is Claudia I'm italian and live in France, on the swiss border. My children (3 and 4) go to the Waldorf school in Geneva 3 mornings a week. I absolutely wanted to send them in a waldorf school and I drive 1hr to get there, and my son doesn't look happy about school life. I've just discovered that homeschooling is possible in France and considering it, but I have a lot of doubts and I am not sure I would be up to that. I've been reading your blog for some weeks and I find it very interesting. I would like to talk about that with you if you have time...

mammaclaudia said...

Hello Penny... thanks for your message on my blog. I would like to email you but i Just couldn't find your email adress on the blog. There's a link but it doesn't work. So this is my email address, if you want to send me yours ( and... yes, I can wait until you've solved your computer problems. Thanks!


Dear Antonia, I am pleased to announce you have won an award for having such a clever and interesting blog! It's called the "E for Excellent" award. Just come over to my blog to pick it up, if you like, and stick it on your blog to show everyone. (You don't have to pick anyone else to send it to, just be proud of yourself!)

ps. Tell your Mummy I'm very sorry to hear about her blog running away. I hope it comes home soon!