Saturday, 9 February 2008

My Little Unicorn

I made a coat for my little unicorn. It was a bit tricky but I managed. I even made some hearts.

Poem: The Blunder Wears His Under

The Blunder doesn't wear trousers,
Or a shirt too.
He wears shorts instead
But he wears them on his head.
And his socks, he puts on his hands,
And puts his blouse on his feet,
And that's how he goes walking out
On Tuesday street.

But the other time I saw him
Walking up the lane
With Mrs Garretorial
That was happy in pain.
But when we saw her,
She was walking upside down
In Up and Down Street
In a lovely cold town.
Like a bit of block of ice
But inside you'd burn your feet
If they didn't wear shoes
Shoes that you eat.

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