Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Dissolving chemicals - 25 May 2010

“This time”, said Daddy, “we are going to try to make some more of the things we made last week and we are going to use this white powder called sodium hydrogen sulphate to see if the blue crystal (copper carbonate) and brown powder (copper oxide) will get totally disintegrated.”

So then daddy and I put some sodium hydrogen sulphate in water so it dissolved. When we poured some on the copper carbonate,and before we even saw what happened it had gone away and when we poured some in the copper oxide, after five minutes it was all clear.

My first chemical reaction - 20 May 2010

Daddy and I decided to make a chemical reaction today that pretty much pleased me. We started with some: sodium carbonate and some copper sulphate. Then we mixed them together and it went totally blue. Then we separated it from the water and let it dry off for five minutes while I read my book. We had turned sodium carbonate and copper sulphate into: copper carbonate. Then we got the spirit burner and we turned that into copper oxide. It was like black dust. Interesting!

The story of me, Daddy and the chemistry set - 18 May 2010
  • Do read these instructions before use, follow them and keep them for reference.
  • Do keep young children, animals and those not wearing eye protection away from the experimental area.
  • Do always...
Daddy was reading the safety rules for the chemistry set.

"Let's try lighting the lighter with methylated spirit"

.... A few minutes later. Outside.

"Antonia, put out the candle with this test tube."
"I can't."
"Look, you do it like this."

And a few minutes later the candle was out. Back in the living room.

"Antonia, listen to me!"
"I am!"
"Good, now you are going to write on what you've just seen."

So I went and wrote a story.

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