Monday, 17 March 2008

Like knocking down dominos, do you!

I love knocking down dominos. What would you like to do? Do you like to knock down dominos? Or do you like going to the circus?


A little domino high and low,
Sitting here just like a crow,
Every tiny little owl,
Comes to sit on every tree.
I'm an owl, so come with me!
Dominos come to say,
Little mice have eaten prey.
And when the dominos see a mouse
They are wondering
About things that rhyme like mouse and house and woodlouse.
A little domino high and low,
Sitting here just like a crow,
Is going, going to bed.
Little dominos have a sleepy head.
They jump in their bag, the bag that is brown.
The little ones gently go to sleep,
The one plus one, and the ten plus ten,
Are clucking away just like a hen.
But all the little ones they sleep,
Till tomorrow in a heap.
They look so cute in their bed
With their little eyes and sleepy head.
Some have one eye, some have ten,
Some have six, some ten plus ten,
Some are cute, and some are nice,
But everyone has its form like mice.
All the mice have come to hear
Dominos are everywhere.
But when they saw a bag just brown,
With little dots all yellow and red,
All sleepy they were in bed.
Tiny lizards sizzle in rocks
Little snakes and great big snails
Like the wet and they like the hail.
Little birds are tweeting in trees,
Bees are buzzing like wild beasts.
In the marvellous world you will see,
Lots of things that interest your parents
Like long-legged skeletons and crocodile heads.

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