Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Little microscope things and little poems about animals and teeth things

This is fluff, one is from sheep (left) and the one on the right is from a plant. I found it near a pond. All these two things, they just come from a microscope. Yes, just an ordinary microscope. Those round things, those little bubbles are air bubbles, and the things on the right are little veiny things, I think.


This is a poem about lovely little creatures.

Plants and animals can be seen,
Everywhere on the bean.
Every little bird is through,
In the mountain up to you.
And when they see you, nice and clear,
They say hello and go and steer,
But when the night has come to be
Little bats come out and do
Some supper.

There's also vampire bats,
Who stick their teeth into the shoes
Of harmless little crock-a-boos.

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