Monday, 3 August 2009

Fantomette et la Dent du Diable

Fantomette is a spy and she has to get the baddies in prison. There are three baddies, the Prince d'Alpaga, the Furet and Bulldozer. The Furet is the leader. The most stupid is Bulldozer. All the time, Bulldozer grumbles. The second-stupidest is the Furet because his plans never work. The Prince d'Alpaga is the third-stupidest. I like the Fantomette book because Fantomette stuck Bulldozer in the telepherique. My favourite character is the Prince d'Alpaga because I like reading about him being scared of 5 m drops. The baddies always go to prison. In the book I read, the Prince d'Alpaga and the Furet were wearing yellow ski instructor's costumes and the Prince d'Alpaga said "I am never going to wear these dumb costumes again", and the Furet said "Shut up!"

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