Saturday, 15 August 2009


These are some jellyfish that I found on a beach in Holland called Groote Keeten. There were lots and lots of them on the beach. These are some of the most interesting jellyfish I've found because they are turquoise blue, they are enormous and they have tentacles under their globe. It always makes me think of flying saucers. When I found them I was amazed because there isn't even one in a David Attenborough movie. David Attenborough is a man that finds brilliant things, whose in movies. So, if I were going to tell you how many jellyfish I have found, I would tell you a turquoise blue big jellyfish, a Portuguese man-o-war, a squashy purple one and nothing else.

A poem

A lovely turquoise blue
Was sitting on the sea, and you
Happened to have come along.

When you spotted the jellyfish,
You wanted to make a wish.
And you wished for the jellyfish to fly,
Fly high up in the sky.
But the jellyfish moved in a lovely way.
It started floating all the day.
It floated up and by midnight
It was asleep by the moon's good light.
It slept on the moon with a lovely wisp.
In the morning it floated up high,
Higher and higher in the sky.
It met the sun, it went up high.
It met the galaxy and the stars,
It jumped and jumped
On Jupiter and Mars
The wish came true.
That happened to you.
You floated up with it.
It started going down, down, down
It went to the stars and then to the sun.
It went very low,
It hurt my tum.
It bounced off the moon and back in the puddle
It went to sleep in quite a muddle.
It's the end of my lovely poem,
Someday you might find and join.

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