Monday, 25 June 2007

Marbled White Butterfly / Demi-deuil

I was eating and I looked behind me and there was a white dotted butterfly, and I ate my dinner and when I was finished I was looking at it. So Mummy took a picture for my blog. When I was finished looking at it, I had some chocolate. I had a nice day at my house, but I'm also going to go to my dance class, and I would like to go to the park this afternoon.

This is a poem:

Butterflies everywhere and touch,
When they're dead you can't unbotch,
But when they're so high up you can't touch them,
Just because you're not up.

But how would you touch them?
You can't because they're wings are so delicate but that's a storm,
And now I think all my singing is finished now,

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