Friday, 8 June 2007


This is a picture that I took, and if you get a bit close, it looks pretty, so I will keep it. It's a picture of water that has lots of things reflecting in it, and it looks like our Earth. I spent my afternoon in the park, and I just had my snack, and was taking some pictures. I was cooling my feet down in the nice water, but I couldn't bathe in it because there were too many signs saying No, and if I did the police would come and get me. I was pretending I was the willow fairy, and I was also pretending that I ate lots of coral and grass, but I usually pretended the grass was coral because it looked like coral. It looked like coral because in the sea I found some coral that is green and red, but I usually pretend with grass because it's not so smelly.

A poem about water

When the water comes to green,
It usually means that it's smelly.
And if you see anything green:
There's parks and dishes and paint that's green,
Leaves could be green also, and crowns and scoopers,
Diving in the pool.
Some are also fishing,
With a licence like a ring

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