Sunday, 10 June 2007

Nigella damascena

I found a Nigella damascena in my garden, and they are quite rare in my garden, so I didn't pick it. I took a photo of it instead and put it on my blog because I thought it was a better thing. And then it wouldn't be destroyed. I never saw a Nigella but now I've seen one and I think it is beautiful. I didn't pick it because if I did there would be none in my garden and they are already very pretty. I like the purple colour, it will be always there if I didn't destroy it or pick it. I was having a good afternoon, but I was doing not really anything. We were going to go down to the mailbox but I changed my mind for some reason.

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Lill said...

Hello Antonia,
I like your blog very much. We call these flowers "Love in a Mist", which is a very pretty name, I think. My daughter, who is 10, likes to pick wildflowers in our fields in Maine, USA. Do you have wildflowers near your house?

Shine On,