Thursday, 26 April 2007


I found this buttercup growing somewhere, but there was something amazing about it. We could just see the stigma and the stamens and I was really excited. We can see the pollen. When the bees come they have to go to find the nectar, and the flower brushed their tummy. They took the pollen on their tummy to another flower. They put in on the stigma.

Then I found another one. In it we could see the stamens and stigma also, but the stigma was even bigger than before.

And then I found one with the stigma even bigger. The stigma was changing and the stamens too. This time the stamens were very flat against the petals. They didn't have any pollen.

And then I saw another one, but this time all the petals and stamens were really dropping off. The plant dropped its petals because it was finished with the nectaring and the honey. All we saw was a big fat stigma that changed itself into a case. Inside there are seeds my Mummy said. And I said Oh!.

Poem about buttercups

Hey diddle buttercup
What do you do
When your petals go off with you
I'll catch the petals and put them back on
With a little bit of tape
And some help from my Mum

And I'll put you in a bit of water
With some little bits of swater
And I'll dump a little bit of water on you
And you'll grow to the sky

the end

Another poem about buttercups

I love you, oh buttercup,
I love you so much,
Because you look like a ball.
And I like you some more,
Because you make butter,
Cos you're called buttercup,
And that's why.

And I like buttercups,
And I'm a buttercup fairy,
So I pollinate you,
With a brush,
I'm a fairy.


AnneMarie said...

I am a former junior high teacher. I used to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) English, Texas History, World History and American History.
I must say, Antonia, I am quite pleased to see your study of plants, your ease at which you write poetry and your art work!! Simply wonderful! I hope to send my dd over to see more of your work :)
Hope your day was a fun one filled with amazement and wonder!!! Happy learning!

Yellow House Homeschool said...

Hello annemarie, Antonia's mum speaking. Thanks for your nice comments about her work. I'll be sure she gets to read them. Lest anyone should be misled, I should emphasise that Antonia is only five and a half, and dictates her blog entries to me (narration). Hence the lack of spelling mistakes, but the presence of youthful grammar! : ) Her poetry is something else, though, isn't it?