Sunday, 22 April 2007


I was going on a walk, and when I was going home I found a black and white grasshopper. My Daddy took a photo of what I found. I like grasshoppers because they are such a beautiful colour and because they go onto flowers and leaves.

Here is a song for this grasshopper:

I like grasshoppers,
And what do they do?
When they jump up ,
And into a stew.
And then they'll hop out,
And they'll go away,
And never come back,
But hop home today.

When I was sitting somewhere I saw two green grasshoppers and I took one photo and then I'll tell you why I liked that: it's because it's got a beautiful colour of a leaf and it jumps leaves and goes on sticks and everywhere, and they skip and eat leaves.

Here is a poem about this grasshopper:

Oh little grasshopper,
What shall you do,
I'll play and skip in the leaves beneath your shoe,
And I'll skip everywhere and on to you!

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