Friday, 20 April 2007

The Zoo

Antonia's account of her trip to the zoo, which was frankly more of an interview than a narration. In fact this is the heavily edited version, though admittedly mostly edited by her.

We were going to the zoo and I was asking Mummy if it was far, and she said 'not very' but actually I thought it was far. I got tired of waiting. I wished that we were there to the zoo . We got on the motorway and Daddy said we're nearly there, we just have to cross two rivers, and then we start going up. When we got there, we saw lots and lots of animals. We saw such a lot of animals, but before that we got a ticket on ourselves and so then we went to see how much animals there were. We saw ostriches, lions and even goats that we could pet when we were close to going. And we had some picnic, and I climbed on big things and even on super duper roundabouts. And then, after lunch we went to see some more animals: we saw horses, camels, even monkeys, cows. Well, I saw lots of big bears: white, black and brown and I also saw a white wolf, I shouldn't forget it. And my feet hurt very badly.

Do you think animals like being in a zoo?

Yes, because it keeps their babies (a reference to the endangered species breeding program). But when we were leaving the zoo, Mummy told me about an accident. Somebody wanted to give some food to the animals and the baby wanted to get the food but instead of getting the food the baby fell in the water, and the mummy tried to come and rescue it but the baby drowned and the Mummy drowned to. So that was very sad (substantially true story of a sad accident involving one of the primate species at this zoo). And then we went home, had our supper, watched something, and now I'm telling a story to my Mummy.

What was your favorite animal?

My favourite animal was all the animals in the zoo.

You didn't think one was more interesting than the other?

Well, I thought they were all very interesing. The most interesting thing about them was.... I liked when, what were they called, those ones that had little hands like us..


Yes. I loved how their cute little faces were. They are nice.

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