Monday, 30 April 2007

Trip to Parc Walibi

Well I was going to go to the fair and when we got there we saw a wallaby and the wallaby looked like a kangaroo. There was a man dressed in the costume of a wallaby and I got to shake his hand. And then we went to see all the fun rides in the fair.

We first got to the ferris wheel. We went on the ferris wheel and we went up about 7 times. Then we went to a walibiland train and I saw lots of wallabies, of course they did not say anything. There were wallabies with ice cream stands, some wallabies making a picnic, some little wallabies at a school. Then I think I went on it another time by myself, because the first time I went with Mummy.

Then we went on some boats that bumped and splashed us, and then we went on a nice soft ride where we didn't get bumped or even splashed. And then we went on the splash and bump one again and then again and again.

And then we went on a roller coaster called La Coccinelle and then we went on a Mexican Hat roundabout. They were my favourite rides. And then we went on a wallaby thing where we sit in a wallaby, and then they turn and turn and turn.

And then we saw a seal show and the farm and we also saw the circus, with a queen and acrobats, and lots of amazing things in the circus.

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