Tuesday, 24 April 2007


.I like these beetles because they're red and black. I saw two of them stuck together. The daddy one was putting sperm into the mummy. She will make some eggs. I like the black dots and they are in red, those kind are my favorite colours of beetles. These are called Gendarmes. I like to pick them up and give them kisses. They do nothing to me but tickle me and I laugh. When they're making babies they're stuck together. I once frightened some apart and then they couldn't make babies any more. These ones were running when I put a shadow on them. One was going forwards and the other was going backwards.

A poem about Gendarmes

Hey little beetles, do you know,
When I pick you up,
I scare you to your toes.
And when you shiver,
I give you a kiss.
But I know you don't like that,
So I don't any more.

Hey little beetles, what do you think,
When I pick you up and blink?
I think you're beautiful,
And I took your picture,
And that's why I think you're beeeeauuutiful!

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